Using vivaldi for blogging

A year on(!) thinking of using vivaldi for blogging about anything that takes my interest, really. Interested to know, if anyone reads this, why people use vivaldi rather than other blogging platforms. Is there any advantage? Does it suit any particular style or subject matter? (technology related, given connection to vivaldi browser?) Apart from obvious things around offensive, defamatory, etc, are there any subjects that should be avoided on this platform?

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  1. Hi David, thanks for asking these super relevant questions! When blogging over here, you get access to an existing audience so it can be faster to get readers compared to starting from scratch with a dedicated domain name for example. Regarding the terms, we recommend you to check them here:
    If you want to repost some content, we kindly ask you to link it to its source and not over do it.
    Does it help? If you have any further question, please let us know here:
    Cheers šŸ™‚

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